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Bringing over save games after a format?
Basically what i've tried but have yet to ask, can you bring save games over between different installations of PCSX2? I've tried to in the past after a format or even just a hardware change but all i get when i load up a game is a "memory card needs to be formatted" message. even with the very same version of the emulator, is it neccesary to start all games again upon a new install/format? kinda bums me out with all the hardware changes Sad

Sorry if i put this in the wrong section too, i thought it was appropriate.

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Did you copy over your old memcard files?
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I'm guessing you mean the 2 memcard files in the memcard folder yes? I get that message even if i just copy them, same version of the emulator and everything, no matter what i try it just says i need to format when i try to save a game Sad
Hmm let's see, do you have anything saved on them? If you did and you get the needs formatting message even with the exact same version you created the save file with, I'm afraid it is probably corrupted or damaged (although maybe you could salvage your save games using a tool like MyMC or by going into the BIOS)

So for starters, grab 0.9.7 beta, then choose No disc in cdvd and System->Boot, then when you get in BIOS browser and check out if you see any contents in your memcards there
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Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer Tongue

I meant even after i format my computer and reinstall pcsx2 0.9.6 (same as before the format) I still get the 'format required' message. even if the version of windows is the same, the emulator the same and all it's plugins identical (including bios) it still needs to format memory cards before "use"
That's no longer the case with 0.9.7 so as I suggested, use that.
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