Broken plugins in newer SVN
After downloading a bunch of SVN releases I've determined that the Dirge of Cerberus specific plugins made by Shadow Lady (as well as a bunch of older plugins included in the release downloads) were broken somewhere between the releases of r5374 (works on this build) and 5379 (broken in this build).

All builds between these two releases aren't available for download so I can't pinpoint exactly when it stopped working. A lot of these builds seemed centered around the removal of SDL project.

The plugin I wish to use will not load on SVN releases r5379 up to the current one. The error generated in the log says that they are not valid DLLs. Is there any future hope for getting these plugins fixed on the most recent or future SVN releases?

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I guess not.
those plugins you're using are specific to 1 game only.
I think the devs will concentrate more on how to emulate DoC's effects correctly in a more general way than using a "specific game fix"
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That is understandable, but I guess the bigger overall question is why did these plugins stop working to begin with? Is there some kinda requirement of the the DLL to pass some kind of validity check on the newer SVN or was some system removed/edited to only allow "official" unmodified plugins to work?
If it stopped working around when SDL was removed, just copy SDL.dll from older pcsx2 revision to the newer one folder and it should work;p.

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