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Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Help
CPU-Pentium D [email protected] GhZ
GPU-Geforce GT 520
Ram-1 GB DDR 2
OS-Windows XP SP 2

The game is running at hellish slow speed of around 10 FPS.Which speedhacks or extras should i use to atleast make it run at around 20FPS(playable).The game is a PAL version and i run it from an iso file.

(From A Complete Newbie)

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Your PC is too weak to emulate games at a decent speed. You can experiment with EE Cyclerate and VU Cycle Stealing, , use the lowest sound settings, play native resolution. Don't expect any significant speed boosts though. Either stick to your PS2 or upgrade your computer specs.
Try this :-
  • Change the Round mode to Nearest and Clamp Mode to None in Both EE and VU's section.
  • Use Speedhacks : All the Reccomended ones and EE Cyclerate to 2 and VU Cycle Stealing to 1
  • Use Native Resolution
  • Use Frameskip : 1 to draw and 2 to skip. or maybe higher. (Try this)
  • Try Allow 8-bit Texture
  • Change Windows Power Plan to High Performance : Important
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