Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Black Screen
I configured correctly the game via PCSX2 guide and I run it as ISO.

When I launch the game using Run CD/DVD i get a totally black screen, but FPS are running (59-60 FPS)
I'm sure that it's not a performance problem i have a Quad Core 2.8 Ghz and Nvidia 880 GTS 320 MB.

I'm using GSdx 890 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0. 1.14. D3D10 settings (no Vsync)

What could that be?

P.S. I have the original CD but it's ruined and so because I wanted to play it again i converted contents of a DVD (that a friend of mine lent me) into ISO
i also tried downloading the PS2 DVD drom the net

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downloading the iso from the net is ilegal just stating it,and about the error,are you sure that you selected d3d10 hardware,not null?
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