Budokai Tenkaichi 3 mods don't work?
Whenever I try to install one, the game becomes a black screen the moment I open it. All the tutorials online are pretty obscure since they only apply for specific mods and all the decent ones are in Spanish. I'm pretty sure I'm installing them right anyways; open the mod package with dkz, and apply the patches to the game files. Then use imgburn to turn the files back to an ISO. Oddly enough the only mods that work for me are mods made by kinnikuchu, but all his mods have poor English support. I'm trying to install mods from "KMSmods" but none of them work. A possible reason I found online might be because I have the English version and not the Spanish one, since no Spanish mods work, not even the Spanish versions of kinnikuchu's mods. Any advice?

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It doesn't work only with pcsx2 or it doesn't work with your real PS2 either ?
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I'm using PCSX2 if that's what you're asking, and nope, only some mods work, but the majority don't. It doesn't really matter anymore, I think I found the problem, and it's that I'm pretty sure you need the Spanish ISO instead of US because every video on BT3 showcasing mods are in Spanish.

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