Bug FF-X2 Graphic error

I'm using the latest beta and normal build of pcsx2 and I seem to have a huge problem trying to get the fmv's to display properly. There is a huge black line down the bottom of the screen in the intro. Subsequently after the intro movie the there are also white lines in the other fmv's. I am currently running GSDX D10 and have set it to native configuration. That get rids of the all the fuzzyness, but I cannot get rid of that huge black line. The game itself seems to play fine afterwards, as in I don't seem to have a framerate issue. I have also tried using gdsx in software mode, but the black line still appears.

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The FMVs in FFX-2 are a known issue that isn't fixed even in the latest beta. The best you can currently is probably use either GSdx software mode in native and turn on interlacing, or try ZeroGS. It's still bugged for me, but it's passable. Normal gameplay is fine though.
Very old and very known GSdx issue, nothing to do with PCSX2. Can be fixed by using software mode as said above.
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