[Bug] Raw Danger
Alright here the thing it opens ok but it sorta slows down and doesnt go past the intro. I was wondering what could be the issue. Im using the solid cd on this one and trying to see if a iso will help. If not Im gonna see if I can find a better disc*I looked at it sorta does have soem scratchs.* But any thing that could help me will be fine oh!

Driver:Nvidua 256mb vid card
2048 mb DDr2

Are my vid card and ram ammount

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According to the compatibility list the game is barely ingame because of extreme slowdown, you can try the latest beta but I wouldnt get my hopes up.

You also didn't post your full PC Specs (cpu model and speed, graphic card's name) or what pcsx2 settings you use, so it's difficult to help like that.

Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
As far as for every thing else goes*forgot how to do a Dixlag or what ever it is. But a 500mb harddrive, Intel duo processor. I currently have everything running at a 85 reflesh rate.

Edit err what do I need to run the installer seems it wont do it right even on firefox.

Edit The setings are not changed when you origionaly start the program. Except the cddvd is the iso one and Im trying to tinker with the graphics

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