[Bug Report] 007 Nightfire [PAL] [Graphical Problems]
My second bug report in a month, woohoo...

Anyway, I recently ripped my Nightfire disc to ISO, because I'm stuck with a HDTV and the graphics even on a HDTV look good, so I was curious to see them in 1080p. Unfortunately, the game freezes after loading up the first mission and the first cutscene playing. Tried DX11 Hardware and Software mode, both hang.

Any help is appreciated as I haven't found this report anywhere else.

Edit: I found out VU is likely the issue as when the cutscene finishes, it shows VU at 98-100% and after about 10 seconds it says (not responding) beside it. I was using MTVU *facepalm*. Graphics still looks bad.

Edited Edited Edit: Gameplay is there, but graphics are having a seizure behind the car in mission 1. What I've tried so far (disabling CRC, skipdraw = 1, CRC aggressive, CRC partial and CRC full) haven't worked. I've tried OGL and D3D11 in HW mode and SW mode to no avail.

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Gameplay in Mission 2 seems to be fine in Software Mode, although Hardware mode will give you some monstrosity that is certainly not Nightfire.

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