GOOD DAY PEOPLE!! I have the emulator, and a more or less good computer, but I have some system phalluses, which I recommend, because there are certain invincible planes, and the ground is bad

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give latest git a try + use ogl renderer and basic mipmapping.
don't set speedhacks to agressive, you'll get problems with this

I guess this game still isn't playable, though. AFAIK, The hit detection bug is still present.
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Anyone with AC5 can confirm that hit detection bug exist on latest git version? It should be easy to fix.
I was just playing Ace combat 5 last week and everything was generally fine. I didn't notice any missiles miss unless it was a stupid shot on my part and all the planes took the expected number of hits to down and i definatly murdered some c-130s with my guns since the game never gives you enough ammo for some of the longer missions.

the PCSX2 version I am using (yes it is old I am just lazy and so far I have not run into a game I have needed a newer git for)

My guess is that the VU stealing or the ee cycle rate is causing the problem hitting the plane, but someone who knows the emulator better would probably be able to confirm or deny that. I ran the game on all default settings with the safe preset (like I do with every game I play), and only ever change off of safe to fix specific things in specific games.

OpenGL backend:
To fix the ground use a 1.5.0 git build and use mipmapping in hardware, or switch to software

if you upscale the game (which I almost never do) you need to use both align sprite and upscale point and line under advanced hacks or the planes will have ghosting (align sprite) and the text will be just not quite right(upscale point and line), I think using these can cause some of the trees to look a little odd in maps with fog effects, but like I said I run native and at native the game looks correct.

I did a the missions leading up to the fly over of the stadium and remembered why this is one of my least favorite in the series and I have not gone past yet.

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