[Bug Report] Atelier.Iris.3.Grand.Phantasm [PAL]
I'm using the latest beta build.
Screenshots of my options are below.

This happens after the 1st couple of screens pass by maybe about 5 minutes into the game.

The 1st picture of "Project A8" is the screen right before it happens then the next picture is what happens. It just come to a blank screen and stays there. Ive waited 30 min for it to go away but just stands there.

The game wont let your progress after that weird blackish screen.

Ive also tried the official playground release and the same thing happens.

Ive tried just about every combo of options I could think of, but nothing works.
[Image: 1283060.png]

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....seriously a bug report with ALL speed hacks on? Get serious.The game works fine with no speedhacks.Closed
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