[Bug Report] BLACK [NTSC-U]
# PCSX2 version: Official v1.0.0 release
# CPU options: all defaults.
# Plugins used: GSdx 0.1.16 rev 5752 (hardware and software, dx9&11)
# Description: still missing sky & other effects. getting stuck on spot still happens, but not as bad now.

you used to be able to switch between hw > soft and back again to get the sky to show. but that no longer works.

just thought I'd mention, getting stuck on the spot still happens, not as bad. crouching seems to let you move again. sometimes you get randomly teleported to another location on the current level.

will the sky and effects ever be emulated as they really add the realism to the gameplay.

the good thing is on my new system the game runs @ 60fps without any speedhacks now.

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Can you try 1.2.0 official. ? 1.0.0 is old now. Thanks
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(02-03-2014, 12:47 PM)refraction Wrote: Can you try 1.2.0 official. ? 1.0.0 is old now. Thanks

Ehh,not offtopic but...Refraction ...was funny,1.0.0 is old now....Tongue

Its time to change the rules again!for the new times,support only for Pcsx2 1.2 or SVNs above.
sorry, I meant 1.1.0. and 1.2.0 just came out, but still no sky or special effects.
Still the new versions v1.2 (stable) and v1.3 (SVN) are now the supported ones...
You have only to test if the news versions,like Willkuer said,report again or edit you thread.
I have tried the new versions, no change.
Ok, apparently its a valid bug.

But in what exactly scenario you have theses problems?entired game?
Because i want give a look(i can play Black here)
entire game. (assumed)

I spoke to soon about it being 60fps all the time, got near the end of the 3rd mission and fps kept dipping down to 49-50fps but felt much lower.

getting stuck happens if you back into something, you get stuck, but sometimes crouching gets you free. in some instances it teleports you back to the ground if you were stuck upstairs. (happened on 1st level, 2nd level so far.)

just wish the sky showed up and we had the post processing effects. the game looks real nice when you play it for real.
Yeah, both issues (colored/black sky in HW mode, and occasionally getting stuck) are known. No solution at the moment.

As for speed, while generally not considered a bug, it is indeed sometimes harder to run at full speed than other games.

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