[Bug Report] Blood will tell [PAL]
# Pcsx2 version: pcsx2 official 0.9.6 and pcsx2 rev693
# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
# Plugins used: Gsdx 0.1.14 or zerogs 0.97.1, spu2ghz 1.9.0 (set to null)
# Description: Game boots fine but the logos are garbled.                
The intro movie blinks (almost each 2nd frame is black). The menu is fine. When ingame 3D graphics are totally garbled (see snaps)
on both GSDX and ZeroGS. However when using Dx9 software the graphics are O.K except the 3D is black and white.
    No version of Playground nor official pcsx2 is known to solve this problem.
* to me it seems similar to the bug reported in Haunting Ground (I've tested it too but the overlay square-like mask seems to be transparent in HG)
When in ZeroGS the logos are not garbled but ingame is the same as in GSDX.
Hope this thread is O.K. Smile

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Did you try gsdx software? Seems a graphic plugin bug to me.... let us know..
(03-07-2009, 02:39 PM)Krakatos Wrote: Did you try gsdx software? Seems a graphic plugin bug to me.... let us know..

As I said dx9 software (o.k. "GSDX software") is O.K. But directx 9 and ZeroGS are garbled. I agree, it's probably the graphics plug-ins 4 some reason. Thanx 4 the reply Smile
P.S. And yup, the 3D in the first level is SUPPOSED 2 B Black&White (sorry that was my mistake Smile ). So to sum it up:
DirectX9 variant doesn't work on both plugins and the software worx in GSDX. I'll also try older GSDX, maybe it'll work.
Then it's not a bug we have to deal with.

We only accept bug reports about pcsx2, for obious reasons. report it to gabest maybe....

Closed and moved.

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