[Bug Report] Burnout 3 Takedown
So i finally got this game to works as ive wanted to,but i do experiance graphics bugs,i have no idea whats going on,but i guess u guys have seen this before.

Heres a SS of problem :

[Image: x3w9p1.jpg][/font]

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Since you put it as a bug report should be you to tell about the environment where it occurs. You know, the bug report is not for the user asking for help, it's for the user giving help to the devs.

Without the needed information, that tells you complete rig setup and power. The plugins used and how they are configured, the hacks used if used at all, all those things that could help finding the causes.

As it is it's not a bug report, you are just asking for help and as such doing it in the wrong section.

Still it may be an already known issue the devs (or possibly some other users too) are aware and can give you a specific answer (what turn out being a bug report more inutile yet...).
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This is a GSdx bug which can be avoided by setting skipdraw to 3 or 4. Moved out of bug reports, it is invalid anyway.
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I have the same graphical issues, and your solution does not seem to fix it...

I tick the "Constant skipping" box, and then set both the Frames to draw and the frames to skip option to 3 or 4, and neither changes anything.

What am I missing ?
You're not using the right options, skipdraw is not the same as the frameskip options.

This are the skipdraw options you need to change, please read the GSdx > hacks subsection to know how to enable and use them:
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It works, thanks ! Smile

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