[Bug Report] Controller Issues
Hello dear sirs.
(Sorry for my English, I use google translator.)

PCSX2 Nightly - v1.7.2797 Qt version 6.3.0.
1. Load and save gamepad profile buttons do not work.
2. I need to assign to a gamepad buttons: L1 = RightStickX- / R1 = RightStickX+ (that is, when I reject the stick to the left, L1 is pressed, and if to the right, then R1.)
But in the game, even if you don’t touch anything on the gamepad, the right stick seems to be constantly clamped to right. In older versions with lily plugin, there was no such problem. It looks like the deadzone is zero with this kind of assignments.
(XBOX ONE controller.)
(Axis Scale do not work either. Do not affect anything.)

Thanks for the great work on the emulator. You are great. Again, sorry for the translation. I hope at least something is clear.

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