[Bug Report]Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex PAL
This bug only happens in the levels when it becomes dark or night time.

[Image: 91449BUG.jpg]

This happens when you step into the darkened areas. If you go back into the light it goes back to normal.

PCSX2 0.9.6

gdsx 890
lilypad 0.9.9
linuz iso CDVD 0.8.0
SPU2-X 1.1.0
Dev9null Driver 0.3.0
USBnull driver 0.5.0
FWnull Driver 0.4.0

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Try plugin zeroGS instead gsdx. Or gsdx software mode
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(03-13-2009, 12:04 PM)Register Wrote: Try plugin zeroGS instead gsdx. Or gsdx software mode

Yes, it works really well with ZeroGS and using the Specular Highlights option. Thank you Laugh

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