[Bug Report] Dark Chronicle [PAL]
[Image: dc2arv.th.jpg]

Cpu Settings:
[Image: cpud.th.png]

[Image: plugs.th.png]

As you can see from the screenshot above the icons are all messed. I'm quite sure it's a common issue as it's been posted on a lot of forums around the web, but I can't find one with a solution.

Tested on the latest build (791) and the latest 'stable'.

Does work fine using ZeroGS, but the game is unplayable using it.

Tried various modes with Gsdx (directx 9, and hard ware and software on dx10) still the same.

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This is not a pcsx2 issue. As you said, zerogs works fine. It's a gsdx bug. Moved to plugin forum.

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