[Bug Report] Def Jam Fight For NY (PAL)
# PCSX2 version: Official Beta 1888, Official v0.9.6 release and pcsx2 official beta 0.9.7
# CPU options: EErec on, VUrec0 and VUrec1 on, MTGS on (see more on attachments)
# Plugins used: GSdx 0.1.16 (hardware and software), ZeroGS 0.9.7, spu2ghz 1.9.0,ZeroSPU 0.46 and SPU2-X 1.4.0 and 1.3.0
# Description: The game hangs up when loading a fight,in both cases during story mode and in single match too,there are some strange things to take a look at the console when the fight is loading:
GAME: See Venue 1
Drawing DMA chain did not terminate.

D_CTRL     = 0x00000001
D_STAT     = 0x00a60350
D_PCR      = 0x03ff0006
D_SQWC     = 0x00000000
D_RBOR     = 0x00000000
D_RBSR     = 0x00000000
D_STADR    = 0x00000000
D_ENABLER  = 0x00001201

D1_CHCR    = 0x00000085
D1_MADR    = 0x0107eb00
D1_TADR    = 0x006bdef0
D1_ASR0    = 0x00000000
D1_ASR1    = 0x00000000
D1_QWC     = 0x00001000

D2_CHCR    = 0x70000084
D2_MADR    = 0x0079ff30
D2_TADR    = 0x0079ff20
D2_ASR0    = 0x00000000
D2_ASR1    = 0x00000000
D2_QWC     = 0x00000000

GIF_STAT   = 0x0000000c
GIF_TAG0   = 0x00000000
GIF_TAG1   = 0x00000000
GIF_TAG2   = 0x00000000
GIF_TAG3   = 0x00000000
GIF_CNT    = 0x00000000
GIF_P3CNT  = 0x00000000
GIF_P3TAG  = 0x00000000

VIF1_R0    = 0x3f800000
VIF1_R1    = 0x3f800000
VIF1_R2    = 0x3f800000
VIF1_R3    = 0x3f800000
VIF1_C0    = 0x00000000
VIF1_C1    = 0x00000000
VIF1_C2    = 0x00000000
VIF1_C3    = 0x00000000
VIF1_CYCLE = 0x00000404
VIF1_MASK  = 0x00000000
VIF1_MODE  = 0x00000000
VIF1_ITOP  = 0x00000000
VIF1_ITOPS = 0x00000000
VIF1_BASE  = 0x00000008
VIF1_OFST  = 0x000001fc
VIF1_TOP   = 0x00000204
VIF1_TOPS  = 0x00000008
VIF1_MARK  = 0x00000000
VIF1_NUM   = 0x00000000
VIF1_CODE  = 0x50000005
VIF1_STAT  = 0x10000040
VIF1_ERR   = 0x00000002

Last Gif Tag: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
countInterVIF = 19, countInterGIF = 19
   TAG = REFE, irq = 0, str = 0, tie = 1, tte = 0, asp = 0, mod = 1, dir = 1
   TAG = END, irq = 0, str = 0, tie = 1, tte = 0, asp = 0, mod = 1, dir = 0
Channel 1 DMA is stopped: stalled waiting for texture upload that already happened.
DumpDMA (0x5b4380,0x5b4a10,0x5b4a10)
DMA TAG at 0x005b4380: CNT 96
    NOP0 00 0000      FLUSH0 00 0000    NOP0 00 0000      DIRECT0 00 005f  
DMA TAG at 0x005b4990: CNT 7
    NOP0 00 0000      FLUSHE0 00 0000   NOP0 00 0000      DIRECT0 00 0006  
DMA CHAIN: DMA chain ended at final tag output by EAGL.
           The chain appears to be intact.

Channel 2 DMA is stopped and reached END tag.

VIF1: LAST VIF code was 50000005

GIF: Intermittent mode
GIF: temporary stop
GIF: transferring from EE to GS
GIF: transferring from VU address 0x0 REGS 0x0 Loopcount 0

By the looks of it,this isnt something new,beacuse this happens among different versions of pcsx2 (0.9.6 ,r1888,and the latest stable release pcsx2 0.9.7).For more info about the pcsx2 settings see attachments bellow

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[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]

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so any news?
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
Huh? You reported a bug, it will be looked into whenever it's looked into...

Don't bump without anything useful to add.
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General info about bug reports and expecting a response:

We see ALL the reports here on this forum, over at ngemu forums and on googlecode's issue tracker.
If no one responds after a day or two, expect that the issue wasn't considered interesting / urgent /
challenging enough to get someone's immediate attention. It may also be a known bug that got reported
so often that we stopped replying to it. Or it may, as in this particular case, be a bug that we're working on
now anyway..

Consider it marked on our ever growing ToDo List ™, but there's no telling when it gets done. Ok? Smile
ok,thanks a lot rama,and sorry for being rude,its beacuse as the ntsc version of this game works fine i thought that the same "patch" or "fix" could be applied to the pal version,but its great to know that is in the todo list at least,thanks a lot again Wink
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]

The game is now working,so its fixed Tongue (rama strikes again Laugh)

Another edit: the game is working just fine in single matches,but it stills hangs up during the first movie in story mode,and no it cant be skipped with any button or even the skipmpeg hack doesnt seems to work,here its part of what the console says at that moment (i said part beacuse its too much and somehow the console just erase the first part :/ ),and it hangs up too when choosing other arenas that isnt the first one just during the intro when the fighters are presented in the scenario,but if you are quick enough to skip it then you can fight in any arena,as for the error its the same as in story mode.

Hint: when choosing a different fighting place the log displays it as "venue" so the first error that rama fixed was related to "venue 1 " the same as the first fighting place,now the errors might be in other "venues" 2,3,4,5 and so on

the error log is too big to quote it here so here it goes a mighty txt lol
is this game really broke in 0.9.7 beta? i just beat story mode like a week ago...
@ sev7en77

Then you probably have the ntsc version
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
My game is serial SLES-52507. Detected as PAL in PCSX2.
Tried it myself, works fine in current beta (r3878) so moving out.
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