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[Bug Report] .Dot Hack//GU Vol 3
true.. looks like I may have to use PG for vol. 3 then

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No need, as I already stated, the three games are playable in 0.9.6. It seems to have gone broken in some 9xx revision. Sadly, I don't have the exact revision where it got broken.
the 8** beta works fine, but it crashes on EVERY rev after (that I have)
Good news guys. Seems like in r1280 the games have been fixed. They even work with microVU0 (though microV1 causes graphics dissapearance). No more crashes at battle. It would be nice if you could test the games in this revision, Saiki, if you have the time. I'm already testing vol 03, and it doesn't crash anymore in battles, let me keep on testing.

Thanks, pcsx2 devs Laugh

EDIT: Now the games seem to be even more stable and smooth. Now the lucky animals graphics don't dissapear randomly, and the game is running smoother than before.
Great! I was just stuck using r872... it was really annoying to chase invisible lucky animals Wink
now i just have to wait for another Krakatos svn snapshot...
What is this microVU you're talking about? Can anyone explain me?
microVU is a new vu recompiler. if you don't understand this comment, don't ask more lol
(05-29-2009, 12:19 AM)stpdrgstr Wrote: Saiki, if you have the time. I'm already testing vol 03, and it doesn't crash anymore in battles, let me keep on testing.

I'm playing Vol 2 right now. will get to 3 when I beat it
Saiki Wrote:microVU is a new vu recompiler.

Got it. (sort of Smile)

BTW, i'm playing vol.1, but from what i've heard, i think all vols have the same issues so:

I have some really small black dots all over the screen, appearing and dissapearing (no, it's not AIDA Tongue), and the maps textures are a little corrupted, this only goes away if i change gsdx to software mode, ticking native in hardware doesn't fix it. Is that fixed in the newer revisions(gsdx or pcsx2, whichever) too? Just curious, I haven't been able to test them...
not noticed it at all myself. I had played vol 1 last on PG 708 though
Those black dots are a graphic glitch. They're supossed to be the shadows, as you could see, it's a GSDX bug. It's still there, sadly. If you bump up internal resolution from 1024x1024 onwards, it starts being less noticeable.
Well, sorry for the double post, but it's something of importance enough to be bumped. I realized that if I deactivate micro VU0 and run with the normal VU recs only, I keep getting the same error, so, the real fix was in using micro VU0.

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