[Bug Report] Dragon Quest VIII [NTSC]
This is my first attempt at giving information/bug reporting, so hopefully I do this right; please forgive me if I forget a crucial piece of information or word/format things awkwardly.

Beta build: PCSX2 playground (both svn 681 and svn708)
Game: Dragon Quest VIII (NTSC)

Bug1: Crashes (generic Windows program fault) just inside Swordsman's Labyrinth (happens a few seconds after entering independent of any action) using GSdx9-v1.14 (SSE41) Direct3D9 (Hardware) but not with Direct3D9 (Software). Turning Speed Hacks on/off has no effect on crash behavior. ZeroGS Playground plugin doesn't crash either, but artifacting/etc is distracting (e.g. torches and other lighting objects throughout the level are visible through walls/floors). Using a save state to try to bypass the crashing does not work.

Bug2: Certain monsters in the game cause significant framerate decreases (GSDx1.14 - Hardware) in combat for some unknown reason (e.g. ~30% reduction in FPS per Paprikan in Pickham region; decrease in FPS is cumulative). Have not verified/compared with Software mode or ZeroGS PG.

System (all at stock speeds):
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
Core 2 Duo E8400
4 GB DDR2-1066
nVidia 7800 GT
Windows XP Pro SP3

PCSX2 Playground Settings:
GSdx (v1.14) + SPU2ghz Playground + Gigaherz's CDVD + SSSPSX PAD
CPU: Default + MTGS + VUSkip
Speed Hacks: x2 + IOP x2 + Escape Hack

GSdx9 (1.14) Settings:
Direct3D9 (Hardware)
Pixel Shader 3.0
Native Resolution
Texture Filtering - (on)
Alpha Correction (FBA) - (on)

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Moved and closed. No bug reports with hacks on.

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