[Bug Report] Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 [NTSC]
One thing bothers me about this game. It runs freaking great all the time (100%) but one graphic glitch is annoying me:


My emu speed hacks and plugins:



ps which is newer and better: ssse3 or sse4 I am using sse4 is this one better? Sorry for my bad english. I hope you have remedy for my problem. Ps. i have already tried with speed hacks turned off (i was still getting 100% Laugh) and it still occured. What may be the problem

PSS: my system spec i know they' re not needed most likely but here they are:
-CPU: Intel core 2 duo E 7600 (3,06 OC to 3,60)
-GPU: Ati radeon HD 4670 1GB of RAM edition

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Good job totally ignoring the bug reporting rules. Moved out of the bug report forum
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The problem is that the part of piccolo is missing as seen in pic above. It is a invisible part, we can see through his hmmmm... back Laugh. Anyone?
I've experienced the same thing before. I think I fixed it with Logarithmic Z option enabled in GSDX 890 SSSE3 plug-in.

Here's my configs: Plug-ins, Video, CPU, Speed Hacks, and Advanced Options.

System Specs:
  • * Windows 2000 SP4/Windows XP SP3 Dual-boot
    * Intel E5200 Dual-Core Wolfdale @ ~2.5GHz
    * 2GB DDR2 System RAM
    * Geforce GTS 250 512MB DDR3
    * Audigy4 PCI

With those settings missing polygons as well as shimmering background objects have never appeared again. Hope that helps! Smile

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