[Bug Report] Every Game freeze @ high internal resolution

# PCSX2 version: 0.98
# CPU options: SSE4.1
# Plugins used: GSdx 4600 SSE4.1 Dx 11 Hardware all other plugings @ default

i2500k @ 4.2Ghz
AMD 6970

# Description: If I set Internal Resolution over 3x, my pc freeze. I cant do anything, only thing I can do is restart my pc. Internal res 1- 3x works fine and without any problems. Just 4x, 5x or 6x causes the freeze!

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not a pcsx2 core bug.

moved to plugins discussion
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RAM : 16 Go
Looks like using that high resolution is trigerring some instability in your PC, try updating your drivers or going back some driver versions.

What exactly do you mean the PC freezes, you can't move the mouse? Is it only on full screen, windowed? does it happen automatically after you set the hgh reoslution or becomes slower and overtime just stops?
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its either the VRAM is being maxed out, which i doubt on the 2GB cards (6x can use roughly 1.5GB depending on the game)
or the GPU is maxed out, which is more likely.

or you're just experiencing AMD for its bugginess.
Actually could be many things including an imprecise overclock... I have not seen many reports on freezes due to scaling (involving ATI or nVidia by what matters) other than slowdowns...

General fanboyish statements do nothing to help pinpointing the issue and correcting it, and at some point becomes annoying. All and every company had it's quota of bugs once and again... care to be explicit about what bugginess are you talking about?

If you are experimenting freezes, the better place to begin searching is the Windows "Event Viewer" found under "Administrative Tools" at "Control Panel"

look into "Windows Logs" and from there into "System" for messages prefixed as Error or Critical.
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AMD has more.
Try the 11.4 driver.

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