[Bug Report] FF10 Crashs at "Home" During Summoners Scene [NTSC]
Using the Latest PCSX version (0.9.6) and GSdx 890 (0.1.14)

My game keeps crashing at that scene in "Home" where you first go into the summoners room and theyre about to do that dance thing. The game goes really really slow, the graphics go to sh*t, everything turns grey with lines all over the screen, any dialog that comes up is slow and skipping and the subtitles are just orange boxes, then it crashes.

I've tried messing around with the settings to get it to get past that part, I've made it a little further by reducing all the graphics and setting priorities to very high to maximize the speed/compatability, it just gets a few seconds futher. By using those hack settings to get the speed to go faster, it crashes sooner. I also tried loading a memory card savefile, no success.

The crash is followed by a Microsoft error Report. Heres what it says:

I think it keeps crashing due to all the commotion going on in the scene, having all those people and flames and smoke and noise going on. If this is whats going on I need a way to get past/skip this point in the game so I can continue on.

Any Idea whats going on?

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Tried with Zero graphics plugin. Gets just a little further, doesnt crash but freezes and the "Game Running" thing constantly lists "Failed to create 1024xfffe7732 texture" like super fast.
Okay I got past that part, took a bit of work. I always seem to solve my own problems right after I post for help on the forum haha.

I just switched between Graphics plugins, constantly saving the game while it slowly progressed, each time it crashed id alternate to the other pluging, get a little further, crash then alternate back. I did this about 100 times and managed to get through the scene. I'll play a little further hopefully I dont start crashing again.

Still, if anyone knows how to pernamently fix this problem let me know.
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