[Bug Report] FFVII Dirge of Cerberus [NTSC]
[Bug Report] FFVII Dirge of Cerberus [NTSC]
# Playground version: Pcsx2 official svn (any)
# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
# Plugins used: Gsdx 0.1.13 spu2ghz 1.9.0
# Description: Game crashes when menu only appears with unknown error, i have only NTSC DVD 44A5FA15 [SLUS_214.19]
... so i guess it need to be patched properly. Also strange "stroboscope" effects in starting movie.

CPU : Athlon 64 X2 3200Ghz
Mobo : ASRock K10N78FullHD-hSLI
GPU : Geforce nvidia 8600GT 256Mo DDR2 PCIE
RAM : 2048 DDR PC5300 [800]
[Image: dirgetmped3.jpg]

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The same error appears with Dirge of Cerberus, disk 33F7D21A [SLES_541.85;1]
it's Japanese version
Indeed the error does occur but it shouldnt stop the game running, just skip the fmv's
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

how to skip it ?
upd. No, It's all ok with first fmv .... and just when the Menu Screen starts to appear crash happens

i think it needs to be patched properly, but i don't know how.
PCSx patch folder for now has only [SLES 54185] (E) and [SLPM 66271] (J)
I found the cause of the problem.

It was - FPU hack for Tekken [v]
so, when you switch it off all works!
~.~ lame.... you're supposed to test without hacks.... BEFORE making a bugreport XD
Chicken is not Vegan?


.,.... Closed and moved

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