[Bug Report]FFX[NTSC]
I have tried everything suggested. HW and SW mode, ZeroGS plugin, all speed hacks off, etc. It seems that during battles, my characters have a double image of sorts (see pics). This occurs only during battles. In the pictures you can see doubles of Tidus, Auron, and Yuna.

I am on r1474 of pcsx2

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thats normal, thats something the game does on purpose, kinda like a fake blur/antialiasing effect... so unfortunately you can't do anything about it, at best try UNticking the box in gsdx that says "Enable output merger blur effect", which should eliminate some of those blur effects in some games and only in some specific scenes, no guarantees though, and most probably you already have it unticked so it wont do you much...
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Final Fantasy X Crash
I dont know how to identify what version of the game i am using but my specs are:
hi in the final fantasy x PAL thread told me i have an NTSC version if it could help around .
I hope my submitted bug would help you improve your emulator

Cdrom: SLUS_203.12;1 CRC = B4414EA1

PCSX2 specs:
core - beta 1474
plugins -
Video - GSDX 1611 SSE3/SSSE3 DirectX 10
Sound - SPU2-X 1.2.0
Controller - Lilypad r1388 0.10
Cdvdrom - Linuz ISO DVD 0.90
Bios - EU/USA v.02 (2004) Console

PC Specs:
Cpu - Intel Core 2 DUO E4600
Features - SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3
Video - Nvidia GTX260
OS - Vista 64 bit SP1



it's a bad ISO, never seen this, ever. remake your ISO
Hi i have pcsx2 9.6 and none of my patches work they wont load i have ffx and i got the iso from my Game but every time i load the patch it receves an error message unable to load pnach can u help me please?
That's not an emulator bug, Post in the general discussion which is for support. Also posting the contents of your patch would help a lot
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