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[Bug Report] Fatal Frame 2 (NTSC)
I always encounter this bug (crash) when using pcsx2 1.2.1 at "Chapter Three - Bloodstained Room". I've tried different plugin modes, but still encounter this error.

Fortunately if I use older pcsx2 0.9.8 the game runs fine.

P.S: perhaps same bug like this one with v1.3.0, and this one using pcsx2 v1.0.0

This issue might help other users encounter the same bug.

[Image: ff2-bloodystained-room-bug.jpg]

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.txt   fatal frame2- log.txt (Size: 125,68 KB / Downloads: 186)

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I just have tested v1.0.0, it works fine. But on the newer v1.2.1 it always produce same error msg.

[EDIT]: I just reload the saved game from 1.2.1, it work fine now. But I think it will produce random crash like this guy

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