[Bug Report] Fatal Frame 3 [PAL]
# PCSX2 version: Revision 5330
# Last worked in: Revision 5212 (5213 is missing from downloads, but starting from 5214 character is missing)
# CPU options: No matter, Speed hacks disabled
# Plugins used: GSdx
# Description: Character model is missing, no matter what options i set in GSdx. If switch to software renderer, character model is visible.
[Image: ff3.gif]

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can you try different versions of gsdx between those revisions, see if you can narrow down where it broke?
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pcsx2-5212-windows-x86 - everythign fine
5213 is missing from downloads
pcsx2-5214-windows-x86 - missing model

also did notice weird thing - working plugins render everything more bright than plugins with missing model. Also working plugins has a white vertical line over all screen
[Image: ff3_working.gif]
orphis's buildbot (where we generate our page from) goes back to 4690
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i found it and edited my posts, please fix it Tongue
its possible the CRC hack changes broke it then... try enabling hardware hacks and toggling the "Aggressive CRC" option and "Disable CRC Hacks"

ofc they are only available in recent builds ;p
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thanks, checking the "Disable CRC Hacks" did helped, but now that vertical line over all screen with me again Tongue
[Image: ff3_line.gif]
even if "native" is ticked?
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no line anymore if "native" checked Tongue but maybe in mean less quality. but ok fine. thanks!
you could try 1200x960 (might be 960x1200) as a resolution, see if that's okay.
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