[Bug Report] Fatal Frame (NTSC-U) - Something blocking the doors.
Hi. I've having some problems with Fatal Frame 1 (SLUS-20388). 
Sometime when you try to walk thru doors you get blocked. I don't it's the same thing as the stuck bug as in this one it seems that there's something blocking the passage like a wrong bump map rather than getting completly stuck.
If you keep trying (like going back and change the angle you enter) sometimes you can get thru. If seems to happen randomly.
It's really bad when you are trying to run from a ghost and get blocked.
Also you kind of get some minor stucks (stuck for a micro second, walk, stuck, walk, etc...) when walking close to a wall (seems like a bump map thing too).

It's been some time since I played it on my PS2 so I don't remember if it's normal behaviour.

I'm playing with the defaults hacks, settings and plugins. I'm using GSDX AVX2 in Directx11 (software) mode.
Version of the emulator is 1.4.0.
Windows 7 64 bits.

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Have you tried playing with the clamping and rounding modes for the EE and VU?
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Yeah. The same thing happens.
I did a search around and found this:


"Door bug: (sometimes I had to squeeze the character to get past doors, it seemed there was a invisible wall in front of open doors)."


"when open the door, the r536 can enter the room straightly; but 553 must detour from the edge. this issue maybe caused by revison of 537 or 547."

It seems to be the same thing.
I will try to get my old PS2 again to do some tests.

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