[Bug Report] Fifa Street 2 [PAL]
[Bug Report] Fifa Street 2 [PAL] SLES 53796/P

#PCSX2 0.9.6 and some svn versions, I'm sure I tested it on 1059, 1190, 1329
#CPU tested with eerec, vu0, vu1 - all on, microvu on/off, mtgs on/off
#Plugins: gsdx sse4.1 [now 1426, tested some other versions too] - hardware&software/zerogs 0.97.1, LilyPad [r1034], Linuz iso 0.9.0, spux 1.1.0/zerospu 0.4.6 r514
#Description: PCSX2 hangs when player is shooting when using Gamebreaker
In case it would be important: I have Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz, Radeon HD3870, 2GB RAM.
Hardware mode of Gsdx causes players' shirts to be invisible [ghost?] but it's a known bug and does not exist in software.

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does it hang when not using gamebreaker? if it doesnt we arent interested. Cheat programs or lack of knowledge in using the cheat program is not a bug nor can we fix it!
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lol, Gamebreaker is not an cheat program, it's type of bonus in this game... when you're doing tricks you gain power on combo bar and if it's full, you get Gamebreaker bonus. Then there's an circle in center of the field, you must enter it with the ball and if you try to shoot then it's almost sure you will score. But PCSX hangs when player is trying to shoot.
my apologies, it sounds like a cheat program. ill leave it open then ;p

On the plus side it lives up to its name, it breaks the game Tongue
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gamebreaker is a super shoot,a magic shoot,etc....
the emulator is crashing when player or computer use gamebreaker
try fifa street 1 and at options turn off the replays,and so the game will work and not crash
Fixed for a long time now and currently still working fine in the r3878 beta.
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