[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last Mission
Well aside from the 30-45fps speed, which is normal for this one...

After I finished the very first mission, after showing the Celcius ship, the screen went black and nothing's happening... I can hear the music though... I thought it might be loading but after waiting for about 10 minutes, still nothing...

What do you recommend?

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Do you have any speedhacks enabled? If so, disabled them, and play that scene again.
(Do not use your old savestate, as it may be bad already.)
Well my friend was the one that configured it.

I think he enabled the hacks for both FFX and KH. So I should disable both?
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Hey I got the same problem I removed all my cheat codes and everythings and it still won't load can somoene plz help me =(!!!!!
Try disabling all speedhacks, setting the VU/EE clamps to extra or higher and loading from your last memcard save (don't use save states if you've been trying with them).
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Also, if what Shadow Lady says doesn't help, try creating an image of the game using a tool like ImgBurn. See if you get any errors when writing your disk.

It sounds like it could be a disk read error; on my PS2 I had ended up scratching my original disc of Kingdom Hearts and it would show a black screen on the first island scene and play music, but never actually load the scene. Had to end up getting a new game,
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