[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X, Backwards Bosses
Considering that plugin set up is probably not an issue I won't list all the settings for them here.

But i am using the latest beta with GSDX9, SPU2x and ISO loading.
I have the microvu and cpu set to 1.5x
I have frameskip on(but its not used, its just there for backup incase.)
I think this issue is caused by the VU cycle stealing being set to the 4th setting on the slider. But its actually a funny bug. cuz the game actually tries to make it look natural. like in the first screen shot(below) tidus will actually backstroke up to the boss and whack him like it was completely meant to be that way in the game. and in the second picture, the boss will turn around. attack me, then turn back around. it actually shows him moving. not just instantly moved, so thats what makes this so interesting.

[Image: backwards.jpg]

[Image: backwards2.jpg]

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Known issue, next time do a search. Change round mode to nearest and/or clamping to full-extra+preserve sign. Moved out of bug report forum.
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Oh, sorry to bother you then, my search skills suck unfortunatly : /
I know this may be off-topic. But I had a question for InfelPira. Is that a widget in the bottom right of your desktop? I'm curious as to what that is. Any information would be nice. Thank you.
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I think its a skin for Rainmeter, but i'm not sure.
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you have windwos 7 exelent1 what pcsx2 are you using i get a wierd bug that i play my games on 80% :/
I am playing on the latest beta version.. dunno why you are playing at 80%.

i'm on a core 2 duo t7300 at 2.00ghz
3 gigs of ram
geforce 8400m-gs
windows 7(obviously)

and i get a solid 60fps for both FFX and FFXII

the only game i've come across that i can't keep a solid frame rate on is Wild Arms Alter Code F at the end of the battle when the screen blurs it kills my fps.
decode1984 you can use the PM feature for questions like that instead of posting off-topic.
Going to close this before it gets abused for spam and irrelevant questions
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