[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X Cutscene problem
For some reason it seems the characters in cutscenes would reset or something to their original pose, now this wasn't a problem and i only found it funny.
However I also noticed that new parts of a cutscene would be a bit slow to start. This continued until I reached the moonflow and after saving Yuna, she apologies to the driver and the cutscene just stops. It doesn't freeze or crash. The characters are breathing but they just refuse to move or talk so the cutscene won't progress

I did a bit of searching around and it seems I am the only one with this problem

Any help would be much appreciated

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Emulog during the incident occuring?
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Try setting the EE clamping to full or try changing the rounding mode.
That should actually help in situations like that.

could also be a faulty ISO/DVD.

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