[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X - Inter [NTFS]
Game: Final Fantasy X - International
Pcsx2 r1353 beta
Cpu options: EERec, VU recompilers, MTGS on
GFX: GSdx 1.15 (1363) DX9 mode - hardware
Sound: Spu-X
Control: PressurePad
CD/DVD plugin: Iso CDVD 0.9.0
No Speed hacks enabled
Advaced hacks - default
CPU Mini VU !beta! - off

I have crashed or freeze when i play 15 minutes after FMV Tidus meet Auron and Auron says " Look " !

Here is the pictures

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Try using an official beta or the 0.9.6 stable version.This should fix the problem.
please search next time, this has been talked about more times than any other issue.

Closing and moving
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