[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X [NTSC, JP, SLPS-25050]
# Pcsx2 version: Pcsx2 beta 1736
# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on (tried different settings for Cpu, Speed Hacks and Advanced options)
# Plugins used: tried all included Gpu and Spu plugins with various settings

Description: The game randomly freezes in specific areas. You can hear the sound and Gpu window shows an activity but the screen stays still. Another thing is that SPU2-X produces some strange noise splashes during gameplay (dunno if it's related to bug). On Pcsx2 0.9.6 this game works just fine.

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What would help is if you tracked the specific revision the freezes start. How to do that:
1)Have a memory card save as close as possible to one of the freeze points
2)Following the compile wiki, compile old revisions of PCSX2 to test if the freeze still happens with them
3)Track the exact revision by using the binary search algorithm so you test the lowest possible builds to find it.
Explained easily:

Let's say you have 1000 revs.You start at rev 500,test if the game freezes. If it freezes, it means the bug was introduced before rev 500, so you test rev 250. If the game freezes, same thing etc etc.
If you test a build and the game works, you go the other way. So for example you test rev500 and it works. So the bug is between rev 500 and rev1000. Then you test rev 750 and so on and so forth
(you always choose min rev+max rev/2 to test, so 1000/2, 0+500/2, 250+500/2 etc )

So if the problematic rev was let's say rev 400 here is how it would go: Test rev 500->freezes. So the bug is between 0 and 500. Test rev 250->Works. So the bug is between 250 and 500. Test rev 375->Works. So the bug is between 375 and 500. Test rev437->Freezes. So the bug is between 375 and 437. See how we're closing up? Eventually you will get to rev 400 Wink
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Um, not an easy task. Well, maybe should give it a try. Tongue
Yeah it's time consuming but it's half the work for a bug to get fixed...I would do it myself but I only have the International version of the game and don't have any memcard save in freezing points (I don't even know what points these are in the game)
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Tested it on the latest PCSX2 Beta 1888. Didn't notice any freezings so far. Seems it works fine now.
Bug fixed.Closed
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