[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X [PAL]
Just after clearing Djose Temple, during a cutscene the graphics go. I can get it a few seconds further than the screenshot, but it artifacts alot and is unrecognisable, then crashes



My config




The reason I haven't put ZeroGS too is because with that up, the graphics decide to not work at all. Characters are ok, but scenery isn't. I have tried using it to get past this spot, and then set it back to GSdx, but it crashes at the exact same spot again

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Use the latest PCSX2 0.9.7 beta. Moved out of bug reports, this is a configuration issue.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
try 0.9.7 beta. and some of your screenshots dont work
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fixed the screenshots, downloading 0.9.7 beta now.

Rather than double post


My most sincere apologies for starting a useless thread, using the beta worked.

Have been using your emulator for a while now and didn't notice there was a new version.

thanks for the help, is very much appreciated Smile
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