[Bug Report] Final Fantasy X [PAL] [SCES_50491]
I wasn't sure if it is ok to open a new thread for each translated version of FFX , but the fact is I'm using the French PAL version.

SCES_504.91, crc A39517AE

# Pcsx2 version: i've tried many. The official 9.6, the latest Beta 1474, even tried an old 9.5 version

#CPU: the default options. But enabling/disabling MTGS doesn't change anything

#Plugins used: doesn't seem to matter. I tried with latest gsdx, older gsdx, ZZogl... "built in" run iso, "linuz iso", peops, spu-x

#speed hack disabled

# Description:
Well, it's been a long time I've been playing from time to time ffX,
which mean that I was at begin of game using quite old pcsx2 build (just re-using memcards files ...).
Yesterday, I was fed up of the "penance challenge", and just decided to end the game. So then , while viewing the ending FMV it crashed Tongue

Here's a little video, when the crash occurs:

I already got before a crash because of speed hacks, but this time no luck by disabling them.

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When you finish the last boss,press f1 to quick save at pcsx2 and don't have to always repeat the bosses when you try a different configuration.Then quit pcsx2 and reopen it.Go to config=>advanced and there make your config like this in the attachment.This config will decrease speed so enable some speedhacks if the game is too slow.Hit ok and then go to file=>run cd/dvd and after you see the squaresoft logo press f3 to load the savestate you previously did.The game should run properly now(it may be slow though).

Alternative,you can always see a video in youtube.You miss only about 10seconds of video as i can remember.

Lastly,if you make ffx work then after the credits wait and don't close the emu to see the secret ending.

Hope i helped.

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thanks for your advice, but this just desperately crash there.
I think I'll forget for now the game, but I hope this bug report
can be useful.
Then just see the video in youtube.You only miss 10-20 seconds of video.It's a pity to have played the whole game and not see the last fmv.Btw,because your game didn't work with ths config I am starting to think that your problem is the iso you use.Try rip it again from your disc.My disc wasn't in good condition so,each time i used anima's overdrive the game hanged for 5 seconds.
Well, finally I confirm it's a problem with my ISO.
And I was experiencing slow down at each shiva invocation because of the badly ripped ISO too Angry

Ok, sorry this bug report was wrong.
no that shiva problem is caused by GPU ,use another graphic plugins,that worked for me
about the crash in fmv is it crash at a precise moment or it vary time to time
Quote:about the crash in fmv is it crash at a precise moment or it vary time to time
Precise moment, is that important ?
Anyway made many try with old iso, no luck.
Re-tryed with a new iso, worked first time.
Bogus bug report then.
Closed and moved
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