[Bug Report] Front Mission 5 [JP]
Having some issues with Front Mission 5 (using 0.9.6 pcsx2). Speed and fps are fine, it's just the graphics are unstable. In some settings the intro movie plays fine, but the ingame graphics always fluctuate from viewable to unviewable every second (with no frameskipping and DirectX9 the game is somewhat stable but there are still many graphical errors with either ZeroGS or Gsdx). I've tried DirectX 10 (updated all the way) but the game crashes on start up. I have Vista Home Premium, Intel Dual CPU E2200 and 9800 GTX+. What can I do? (Attached screenshot is when the graphics bug out, but as you can see the menu still works ok)

Partial fixes
Using ZeroGS I've managed to stabilize the graphics to a great degree by checking (No target CLUT), but some areas are still bad (for example, the blue movement areas for your wanzers flickers back and forth). Maybe this is useful to the developers.

Stops all resolving of targets and Relaxed depth also help a little by themselves, but not enough to make the game playable.

Screenshot 3 is about the best you can make it look, but even then it's not really great (notice the missing textures that are apparent even without any mods on). The drawing depth seems to be also skewed.

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A. There is already a bug report on Front Mission 5. B. This isn't a PCSX2 problem, but a GS plugin error that won't get fixed anytime soon, because Gabest isn't doing any more work on the hardware portion of the plugin.
Moved and closed... not a pcsx2 bug

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