[Bug Report] GSdx9

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Using the latest GSdx plugins in any mode except 4

Basically, I can open Ico in DirectX10 hardware mode. And software mode.

But when I try and do it in DirectX9 hardware or software, it crashes when it trys to render anything. I get past the opening screens, past any 2D screens. But obviously when I come to the opening it just crashes.

I've installed the DirectX web-runtime. Does anyone have a DirectX 9.0c package I could try?

Seems odd as I can run games like HL2 and CSS in DX9

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not a valid bug report. moved
Quote:Seems odd as I can run games like HL2 and CSS in DX9
those are native pc games and aren't linked by any mean to PS2 games

try installing this : http://www.filehippo.com/download_directx/
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And if dat doesn't work try beta r1888 or the latest version maybe your problem has been already fixed in the newest unofficial builds................
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