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[Bug Report] Ghosthunter [PAL]
PCSX2 version: v1.5.0-dev-2695-g193bda164 (also tried with stable version 1.4.0)

CPU options: EE/IOP defaults, VUs defaults (Tested all default configuration options of PCSX2)

Plugins used: GSdx 20181124134036 1.1.0 (hardware and software, dx11 and dx9 with custom and default options), SPU2-X 20181124134036 2.0.0 


In the swamp level, in the haunted mansion during the night, the game slows down (both audio and video) at the moment where the teddy bear uses the kid as a weapon (the kid physics pass to some kind of ragdoll mode). The rest of the game ran perfectly fine until that moment. Once the bear is captured, the game runs normally again. It looks like some kind of proble,m with that ragdoll physics. This happens 100% of the times.

The ISO im using is original (Created  by me from my physical game)

I hope this can be fixed, thank you!

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