[Bug Report] God of War 2 [PAL]
{I'm french so excuse my writing}
Hello, when I run the iso God of War 2, the emulator will launch and appeared after "Playstation 2" screen stays black ...
I have good configuration ... Sad

Please help me Unsure


Config: [Image: screen12.jpg]

GSdx 10: [Image: screen13.jpg]

SPU2-X: [Image: screen14.jpg]

Speed Hack: [Image: screen15.jpg]

Cpu: [Image: screen16.jpg]

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Please read this sticky to learn how to submit a correct bug report.

From the sticky Wrote:- Each bug you report in a game topic should have these informations:

* Pcsx2 versions. You must always try the latest beta before reporting! Get the latest beta here http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-3716.html
* Cpu options selected
* Plugins used (DO both gsdx hardware and software mode AND zerogs or the bug report is invalid.)
* Description of the bug and of how to replicate it
* If necessary, attach a screenshot and/or a memcard to help us replicate the bug
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Screens added.
You are reporting a bug with all speed hacks on? Closed.
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