[Bug Report] God of War II
I am in a sticky situation, if anyone could send me God of War II around the Barbarian king even after, because i used save states instead of the actual game save. and im not sure how to actually put together the save file.

The reason for this is because i always get that loading ... after barbarian king defeat and i have no previous save states and no ingame saves.

Any where around that would be great thanks.

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not a valid bug report.
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Confirmed! i'm using PAL version of GOW 2 and the game can not be saved in memcard, so i have to use save state instead. After defeat Barbarian King, kratos swings over a gap and the game freeze with a loading screen at the end of the route.
ofc you can save.... you just first to format the mem cards from the ps2 bios menu you know...
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