[Bug Report] Gran Turismo 3 [NTSC-U]
PCSX2 Nightly v1.7.3867

Since around mid to late November, i've been noticing slowdowns in Gran Turismo 3 in PCSX2 nightly. I was playing it for almost every day for about a month before that, and MVP Baseball 2005 since September before that without encountering such severe slowdowns. After around this time, the game slows down to 60% to 80% on some parts of certain tracks, or sometimes entire tracks. This now happens in F1 Championship 2000 as well for entire races when it used to work fine the last time I played that game a few years ago on 1.4 Stable. Today, I tried downloading a fresh install of the latest Nightly release, and not only did I encounter these slowdowns, but the game also crashed for the first time after slowing down to around 47%. I know people often say on the forums that "slowdowns are not bugs", but I really don't think this is right. I've tried downloading those older nightly builds from a few months ago and these games work fine, and i've tried completely fresh configs, a different computer and even re-ripping my game discs.

This happens no matter what renderer I use and as I said, I completely reset my settings when this crash happened so it doesn't make a difference whether I have speedhacks or anything else configured or not. 

I'm running a Ryzen 9 5900HX, RTX 3070 Mobile and 24GB of RAM on this laptop where I had the crash. The other PC I've been playing on is an Intel based i7-9700k paired with an RTX 2070 and 32GB of RAM. I've inlcuded the crash log as well as a screenshot of the game when it froze up and crashed. I've never seen a graphical glitch (the rectangular image at the top left of the screen) like this when I've had these slowdowns so it might not even be related to the issue i've experienced over the past few months.

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Update: I just tried rolling back my drivers from the most recent (Nvidia Game Ready Driver v528.02) to a random older one that was released before this November (v511.79) and the newest PCSX2 nightly build (1.7.3851) is running completely fine on all tracks in Gran Turismo 3 and F1 Championship 2000.It's definitely an issue with all new Nvidia drivers, Game Ready or Studio, past a certain point a few months ago

EDIT: Scratch that, it seems to be working much better, but there's still slowdowns down to 80% that were never there before

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