[Bug Report] Gran Turismo Tokyo-Geneva 2002
Screen garbage on second license test with the GT40 LM. Every rendering mode shows this garbage except software. Only thing that changes what the screen looks like is if I'm looking in a specific direction in the game, the garbage will change colors once, but that's it. The only thing that changed this behavior is going to the manual hardware fixes tab and changing the CPU sprite render size, which forces the garbage to the top left corner of the screen, renders one frame of the game and thats it. Depending on what mode it's on it does different things. If it's on sprites/triangles mode or the sprites only mode, it goes red, if it's on the blended option it goes back to regular colors but only displays one frame still. This also happens when driving on Tokyo R246 in any other scenario in the game. Every setting I have is on reccomended (other than the manual hardware fixes, but I turned it off after messing with it)

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Which pcsx2 version ?
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(05-13-2023, 08:43 AM)jesalvein Wrote: Which pcsx2 version ?

Only thing I forgot to mention! Latest nightly build, just updated today and it's fixed. Whether it be due to the update or a weird single-time emulator bug (that's the only thing I didn't try is to just restart the emulator like an idiot) it's fixed.
We fixed it Tongue
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Hello, I believe similar issue happened to 2001 Tokyo (SCPS-15010) too.

Version using is the latest Nightly one, v1.7.4752.

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