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[Bug Report] Guitar Hero [NTSC-U]
PCSX2 version: 1.5.0-dev-3307
CPU Options: EE/IOP default, VU default (tested Clamping to Full and VU at Extra+Preserve sign) (No speedhacks)
Plugins: OpenGL (Software)
Description: Upon starting the game and watching the intro video, it will lockup the during video. This also will happen in the behind the scenes videos as well.

I have included a gs dump

Attached Files
.xz (Size: 426,75 KB / Downloads: 122)

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I can confirm this is a real issue. The problem is this game is timing sensitive and the end of FMVs only work with -3 ee cyclerate.
Interestingly, Guitar Hero II (Including it's own expansion pack, Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80's) being an sequel that does not having this video glitch occurs for me. Tested on both NTSC-U and PAL version and it looks fine, perfect playable with no problems.

However, this video glitch also occurs in PAL version of Guitar Hero, making ensure both the NTSC-U and PAL version had to be appied with automatic gamefix.
Yes, Guitar Hero 2 runs on a different engine so it is unrelated.

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