[Bug Report] .Hack//G.u Reminisce
a not game breaking graphics bug only the shadows for the characters and the monsters don't appear.. the only thing is that a quest requires it and can be simply solved by switching to software render for the quest and then switching back..

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which quest? I beat all of G.U. in hardware mode..
BTW i noticed this in glitch is also in all .hack//G.u games

the quest is Shadowless dog

just check the shadow from the dog without it you cant identify him.
that you can use software mode for, that's a mission I never did (just to let you know)
you can never skip that mission! its story-related! "if i remember correctly Tongue"
anyway ofcourse i can use software mode.. i just mentioned that in my first post i was just letting the devs know that there is a bug thats why its called a bug report.
Bug reports only concern pcsx2.
This one is gsdx related since software mode works.
That's why it's NOT a bug report as stated in the "read first" thread of the bug reporting section...
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did u enable the texture filtering?
is yes try disable it see if tat helps.
i had once encountered objects missing in one of the growlanser's game
at last figured out the texture filtering actually caused tis
once disabled, the missing objects re-appeared......

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