[Bug Report] J league football club 5
Hello everyone,

Firstly, i would like to thank the people who work for this fantastic emulator which gives me lots of fun.

the bug I wanna report is about J league football club 5, it is game in which you can create a football club in japan and win all the glories with it, the problem is that, I can't move the cursor horizontally on the pitch screen, the problem is showed in the picture
[Image: 23r3k93.jpg]
It means I can't choose the players on my right hand, what i can do is move the cursor vertically..

I tried all the latest graphic plugins, it simply doesn't work.

someone told me I am use svn357 which is a very old version, well, with that, It can move horizontally but not vertically any longer...and especially with the svn357, the game will crash after I watch the football game.

what I can sure is that, it is not the problem of input or my gamestick.

Anyone can help me??

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Not a proper bug report. Moving out to support
[Image: newsig.jpg]
could any one giva any suggestion ??

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