[Bug Report] Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy [NTSC]
#PCSX2 r751
# SPU2-X 1.1
#GSDX r594

The game finally doesn't crash at sturtup and shows all geometry, but there is another problem. The game are freezing the emu shortly after starting first level with tons of VIFerrors (check attached emulog). Sorry for fluded log.

I can't move character if software emulate mul+ee full clamping enabled. I don't have enough patience to find out which option exactly causing this and I don't sure is this a bug, but I think this could be useful for Nneeve.

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How long do you have to play till the VIF errors happen? I played for a minute or so (got a few eggs, hit something) and no serious errors (aside from some weird trap errors when jumping sometimes. but those seem to have stopped after I changed a few settings for some reason). I also seem to be able to move my character regardless of any of the settings you mentioned.
The only thing I did find is that without SSE4 and with extra/extra+sign clamping, glitches exist. again.
Yep, movement "bug" was my fault. I shouldn't use savestates.
I played for about five minutes before vif errors. This can happen at any place of first level, you just have to wait.
Tested on r785. Threre are still a lot of "UNKNOWN VifCmd", but at least the game doesn't crash. I also faced some minor texture corruption in cutscene.

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To clarify, is the game playable now? Does that "corruption" happens also with gsdx software/zerogs? Basically, is there still any problem that hinders gameplay?
Looks like it's playable, I don't see any problems. Also I can't reproduce those bug with corrupted textures.
Very well then. The unknown vif command is a problem, but the kind that happens in quite some games. For now I will close and move this topic, and keep it in mind should the need arise.

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