[Bug Report] KH 2 FM World Bug
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Game: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix [English Patched]

Hi there. The only modifications to the iso that I've used is the English patch, and Teamod once or twice at some point, but I don't even think I've saved the game while using Teamod so it likely isn't a factor anyway.

When I entered the Beast's Castle for the first time, after the first cutscene and fight the map acted as if I'd cleared the entire map. (The rose appears on the shelf in the Parlor, which is indicative of that), and no Heartless spawn anywhere. Jiminy Cricket's journal also has all the journal entries for that specific map. It first happened in the Land of Dragons, where Shan Yu wouldn't spawn at the final battle and I had to Boss Warp into it. 

Anyone have any possible diagnosis and/or solutions?

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moved out of bug reports.
try without applying the english patch and your teamod.
we only fix original games.

Oh, and before arepoting a bug to devs, think about trying latest git version, too.
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