[Bug Report] Kingdom Hearts
Okay.. Firstly I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place..
Or if it's already been answered.. Or whatever...

Ohh yeah.. I'm using a Logitech Dual Force...
And I've only played the first Kingdom Hearts.. I'm not sure about the second one.

In Kingdom Hearts every time I move the game treats it as if I'm moving both the left stick and the dpad, or the right stick.. Whichever controls the menu on the bottom left..
Which.. As you can tell is infuriatingly annoying.. And has caused quite a few mishaps..

Is there any known way to fix this? Am I screwed for ever? Am I just being a idiot and missing something obvious? Help?

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Looks like you configured the controller plugin wrong, check it again and maybe post your configuration here if still having problem.

Wrong section, moved.
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each button "put" it on only 1 button. also if your controller doesn't have analog sticks u cant play it cause u need them to move sora with them so the d pad can switch between actions like attack summon items etc
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