Bug Report - Kingdom Hearts 2 (USA)
Ok. I've finished the first half of Pride Lands. Whatever world I choose to go to next, whether there's a cut-scene first or not, as soon as I get control of Sora, he is stuck standing there with his arms out. I can not move him, or do any action. All the control buttons seem to respond except the Left Analog stick, and X button. When I press start, the game crashes. The game was running great up until this point. I am using the latest beta version of PCSX2. I've also tried different plugins, CPU options, turned off speed hacks, and everything else I could think with no success. My Specs are: AMD Phenom X3 running at 2.45Ghz. 4GB of RAM. XFX 9500GT graphics card with 1GB RAM. Vista Home Premium SP2.

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Wanna try posting your memory card so that other people (other people = me) can try and see if they have same problem on that location?
[Image: fs.png]
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This report is not really compliant to the rules. Edit it so that it is. And maybe post a memory card
Since the problem has magically gone away, you can close this. I don't know what happened between last night, and when I loaded it back up today since it now works just fine.

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