[Bug Report] Latest SVN turns on Gamefixes by default
Hi, as the title says:
It seems like pxsx2 (svn) turns gamefixes on by default for new games.


I hope this is the right place to post. Ninja

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it's not a bug it's a feature
They are half checked, means it uses the ones specified in the gamefixes tab. You can force them on/off for the game by checking/unchecking them in the game database editor, some games do have some checked already.

Not a bug report, moved.
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Gamefixes, not patches.
exactly, for games tht need them thy will activate on their own. feature, not bug
(06-21-2010, 10:23 PM)spaceball Wrote: Gamefixes, not patches.

Yes.... in the pic you posted there's no patches entered and the gamefixes are half checked only...

I think you're just confusing checked with half-checked, they're not the same.

Here's an example with half-checked (auto, only uses what's enabled manually in the "Game Fixes" tab next to "Game Database" one) vs checked (forced enable gamefix, IPUwaithack in this case that FFX needs).

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